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We are developing NEW options to choose from, including our brand new workbook for companies that want to train their IN HOUSE collections and accounts receivable departments how to bring in more money from account holders INSTEAD of sending them to a collection agency. 

This all new workbook, developed and written by David J Snyder, founder and creator of CollectionShield, will be available shortly for purchase for only $49.95 per employee. 
Looking to join our ATTORNEY network? We are looking for law firms and individual attorneys who would like to make some money and market their legal services in our network. We are always looking for professionals who don't mind going after collection agencies in the courts for violating the CollectionShield special cease and desist, which results in a contractual non-compliance fee that ranges up to $10,000.00 We prefer these accounts be capped at the $10K limit to keep them in small claims court. However, where jurisdictions have differing capped amounts, the capped rate would be kept at local levels. 

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