CollectionShield is
100% ETHICAL !!!
God would APPROVE !!!
The CollectionShield program was founded in 2008 by David J. Snyder, after developing 10 years of experience dealing with the shady practices of some of the largest collection agencies in the nation. 

CollectionShield STOPS collection agency harassment almost immediately, and brings peace of mind that packs a powerful punch.

The program consists of a ONE page document that the consumer fills out at home, while revealing NO private financial data or your SSN #.
​Are you tired of answering your phone and hearing a collection agency hound you? Or do you dread checking your mailbox for fear there will be a notice from a debt collector? If you are, then order the easy-to-follow ONE page fill in the blank form called CollectionShield. Just click on the order now buttons available on all of our website pages, securely order and within a few minutes you will receive your CollectionShield to fill out and send...just like that. 

Once you purchase CollectionShield, it is yours to print out and send as many as you want. One collection agency or's yours to utilize as many times as you need, and NEVER another fee, EVER. 
​David J Snyder is not an attorney at law, nor does he claim to be. The information contained within this website and the CollectionShield program are for informational purposes only. Any questions regarding the law or legal advice should be sought from a legal professional. David J Snyder does not provide legal advice or services, only his personal experiences.